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4 Responsible Pet Tips for Apartment Living

You've finally found an apartment for rent for you and your pet – not an easy task in many large cities – now how do you stay in your pet-friendly community's good graces? Badly behaved pets are a liability and result in no-pet policies, so make a good name for owners everywhere with these pet tips. 1. Pick up after your pets Common areas are there for everyone to enjoy. Imagine stepping in some dog doo while walking to your car – not a pleasant experience for anyone, and a sanitation issue! Bring a bag with you on walks, or use the pick-up stations pet-friendly apartment complexes provide. If you have a litter box in your apartment, clean it out frequently to prevent strange odors from making their way to a neighboring unit. 2. Vaccinate & Spay/Neuter Prevent the spread of avoidable diseases by making sure your pet gets regular check-ups and is up-to-date on all of its shots. It will eliminate the additional risks if your pet comes into contact with other animals in the building. As Bob Barker always put it, "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered." 3. Keep your pet leashed Even if your pet is perfectly trained, be considerate of other residents who might not be so fond of pets. 4. Pay attention to maintenance notices Your landlord should give you advance notice if there's any maintenance work that needs to be done in your unit. Make sure you crate your pet or take your pet with you during the time frame so they don't risk hurting anyone or running away through an open door.