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Emotional Support Animal Bill Goes to the Governor

Emotional Support Animal Bill Goes to the Governor
Emotional Support Animal Bill Goes to the Governor We are thinking of all of our CALL Members during these uncertain times and want to remind you that CALL remains a trusted resource for your community. Yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis received the following bills from the Florida Legislature. The Governor has until June 30, 2020 to act on these bills.
  • SB 1084 – Emotional Support Animals
  • CS/SB 82 – Individuals with Disabilities
  • CS/CS/SB 156 – The Early Childhood Music Education Incentive Pilot Program
  • CS/SB 344 – Courts
  • CS/SB 434 – Designation of School Grades
  • CS/CS/CS/SB 662 – Education and the Military
  • CS/SB 1466 – Government Accountability
  • CS/SB 1742 – Home Medical Equipment Providers
SB 1084 would criminalize fraudulent emotional support animal requests which could be a game changer in terms of reducing the monetary stress and labor strain on communities who are forced to evaluate countless fraudulent requests each year. We are hopeful that the Governor will sign this bill into law but it always helps to have his office hear from a large number of citizens who want to see this happen. You can contact the Governor’s Office at (850) 717-9337 or via email at Now that bills are heading to the Governor, you will be receiving CALL alerts as the bills that impact our CALL communities are received and acted upon by the Governor. And, we will be sending out our annual Legislative Guidebook in the near future. Wishing you continued health and safety.