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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is upon us and we want you to be prepared. Please take a moment to explore the following resources and we highly recommend downloading and printing the guides we have provided. We want all of our residents to be safe and that begins with being prepared BEFORE the storm. As always, should you have questions, we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Weather Channel

Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist

NOAA.GOV Hurricane Preparedness - Be Ready Guide

FEMA How to Prepare for a Hurricane (Download)

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

2019 Plan your evacuation route from Brevard County

Here’s where you can get sandbags in Central Florida

Preparing Your Pool for a Hurricane
How to Prepare Your Pool or a Storm

Before the Storm:
Don't Drain the Pool
When extended rains raise the water table, hydrostatic pressure will build to a point where it can push on the pool and pop it out of the ground or push a vinyl liner off the floor. When the ground becomes saturated, pool decks or home foundations can slip and move. The weight of the water in the pool will help to hold the pool in place, as underground water levels build.

You should shut off the pool pump as a hurricane approaches and gas pool heaters should have the gas supply shut off at the heater.  Shut off the filter pump at the breaker and the gas supply at the meter. 

Secure all items out in the pool area. Toys, skimmer lids, pool poles - all need to come inside. Bring in everything that is not bolted down and could become a flying projectile.   Do not throw it in the pool as some have suggested because anything with any metal parts (even small screws) will cause staining to your pool very quickly.

After the Storm: As you know with these storms typically come heavy rains which can cause the following:

1. Lots of rain makes the water table rise, so you absolutely do not want to drain your swimming pool. The extreme pressure caused by additional groundwater will most likely cause a partially empty or completely empty swimming pool to come out of the ground.

2. Your water chemistry will be unbalanced. Blue Orca Pools will perform the necessary steps required to get your pool back into tip-top shape.