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Hurricane Season is Right Around the Corner

Hurricane Season is Right Around the Corner
After record-breaking and disastrous 2020 hurricane season, many homeowners found themselves with severe wind and flood damage. Unfortunately, many did not have adequate insurance protection to cover the cost to repair or rebuild their homes.
The 2021 hurricane season is predicted to be overly active yet again with a prediction of 18 named storms, including eight hurricanes. If this prediction comes to pass this will be the SIXTH overactive season in a row.
The 2021 Hurricane Season is LESS THAN 30 DAYS AWAY and we want to make sure you are properly prepared and protected.
ALL 50 states have experienced flooding in the last 5 years.
It could take up to 30 days to bind flood protection.
Floods are not covered under most homeowners and
renters policies.
Once there is a named storm, carriers place binding restrictions on new policies and changing limits on existing policies.
25% of flood insurance claims are filed by people who are not living in high-risk areas.
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