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New Scam Alert from FPL, targeting small businesses

New #ScamAlert from #FPL#SmallBusiness's are receiving phone calls, demanding payment to avoid service disruption. #ProtectYourself with these tips. FPL Connect clearly states: "We will never call and demand credit card information or take #GreenDotMoneyPak cards as payment."

Protect yourself from scams, fraud and imposters

Don’t fall victim to scams or fraud. The first step to protecting yourself is to recognize suspicious activity. This can take many forms, such as:
  • Someone pretending to be an FPL employee or contractor to gain access to your home
  • A company claiming to be FPL, or associated with us, that solicits your personal information or offers to sell their products and services over the telephone or through the mail
  • Emails, websites or mobile apps that appear to be from FPL and require you to provide personal information
Phone scammers posing as FPL employees are targeting customers across our 35 county service territory. These scammers are using false phone numbers that could appear on a caller ID to be FPL. They are also using a recording of our customer service phone message to make them sound legitimate. They then threaten to shut the power off unless a payment is made immediately with a Green Dot MoneyPak card. These calls are not from FPL. We will never call and demand credit card information or take Green Dot MoneyPak cards as payment. In fact, we do not ask for any personal information from you unless you initiate the contact. If you ever receive a strange call and are in doubt, hang up and call us at the phone number listed at the bottom of your FPL bill. Authorities have been notified of this scam. It seems to be affecting utilities across the nation. If you think you may have been a victim, please click the Report Fraud/Scam tab above for further instructions on how to protect yourself. And remember, if you’re calling FPL, you’ll need your Social Security number and/or your account number to manage your account.