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Restitution For Our Client

Solutions Property Management Corp has successfully obtained restitution for one of our owners against a vendor we've been aggressively fighting for over a year with the state attorney's office. Solutions is proud to have healthy and historical partnerships with local vendors. Sometimes it's scary when you try to establish new relationships with vendors that you are not familiar with.  We carry very high expectations with our maintenance and repairs..  Contracts and SOW's will be enforced.. When reviewing finished repairs and maintenance with our vendors, this is the time to make sure our properties have been well-cared-for and confirmed all has been completed adequately. A deposit had been given to a local vendor for a project on one of our properties.... And after the expectations were not met the vendor decided not to return the deposit.. They abandoned the property and took off with the owners money... This owner is also an active military owner serving his country on the expectations that others would take care of him and his investment property.. Our job is not to only "manage". It's to help protect the integrity of our dwellings, owners, tenants, and associations. Proving that we care about all aspects of EFFICIENT "Property Management". We are proud to serve our community with the fullest regard.  We will always remain Solutions Proud. Rachel Decamp,  Director of Management-LREA, LCAM