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Understanding Our Bylaws: A Primer on Association Governing Documents

Solutions Property Management Corp would like to share this very important video. This is a follow up of our continuing education that was just completed this week. We would advise that all current association officers listen carefully and watch the entire video. Becker Law Firm is an accredited law firm here in Florida that specializes in Association and Condo law. Our company continues to learn from the professionals who write the laws. What is covered in this video has been the strive for our company to instill in officers and members of all associations. It's NOT always about the governing documents. It is very important for all associations to have attorney representation.. As more residents dispute bylaws; managers and officers need to heed the warnings and seek legal interpretation of situations. Some that may be addressed quickly, without potentially causing lengthy litigations. Any litigation whether an association is wrong or right, can cause much harm to a budget and homeowners pockets.... Along with governing documents arbitrational law, statutory law, and several protected acts, play an even important role over your governing documents.. In most cases these take presidence over your governing documents. Solutions Property Management Corp is happy to keep their associations and officers up-to-date with honest legal advice and precautionary education. Help us help you keep positive culture and harmonious communities.