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You Can't Get More American Than Grilled Watermelon at Your July 4th Cookout

#LetsCelebrate the #4thofJuly! We are sharing our must-have grill item for today's menu, what is YOURS? Make some space on the grill today for sweet, thirst-quenching #GrilledWatermelon…/food/a22023379/grilled-watermelon/#SolutionsPropertyManagement

A good feast brings together flavors from all over the spectrum. You need sour and savory, tangy and tart. That's why you should make some space on the grill this July 4th for sweet, thirst-quenching watermelon. Even if your entire freezer is already chock full of ground beef. Even if you've been dreaming of nothing but ribs dripping in barbecue sauce and meat juices since February.

I recently ate a slice of grilled watermelon that nearly blew my damn mind. The fire had imbibed it with a smoky flavor, and yet it remained water-y and sweet. A deep blush color, as if you'd cranked up the saturation on a pink slice of watermelon, it was very dense, firm, and snappy instead of the mushy mouthfeel you get with so many wimpy, seedless watermelons these days. It looked like a slab of meat.

How to Make: